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Vision and Mission

Program Outcome

The UPRHS graduates who have gone through the six-year secondary education must have imbibed and have developed the qualities reflected in the UPRHS philosophy and values. True to UPRHS vision and mission, they shall also graduate as well-rounded individuals and life-long learners prepared to become future professionals and leaders in their chosen fields.


The UPRHS will be an academically excellent science-oriented secondary educational institution and a leading development center for teachers in the basic education.


To adhere to the UP tradition of academic excellence, the UPRHS shall:

  1. create a dynamic, innovative curricular and co-curricular programs and learning opportunities that shall draw out the full potentials of students and faculty;
  2. provide a supportive environment necessary for the students to acquire the knowledge, skills and behaviors to succeed in a fast changing world;
  3. contribute to the upgrading of the quality of basic education and management practices in the country;
  4. serve as venue for educational innovations, research and development; and,
  5. prepare students for entry in the UP System and other highly recognized tertiary institutions.